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Foundation of SWIFT for Bankers (MT standards)

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Foundation of SWIFT for Bankers (MT standards)


  • To gain knowledge about SWIFT MT messages for payments e.g. MT1XX, MT2XX and MT9XX series

Course Contents

  • What is SWIFT
  • Various products and services offered by SWIFT to banks/financial institutions and corporates
  • SWIFT messaging services : SWIFTNetFin, FileAct, InterAct and Browse
  • Overview of SWIFT connectivity : SNL, Alliance Gateway, Alliance Web Platform, Alliance Access, Alliance Lite, Alliance Hub, Alliance Remote Gateway and structures used in financial institutions
  • Corporate connectivity : SCORE, MA-CUG, Many-to-Many CUG, TRCO
  • Banking relationships e.g. Nostro/Vostro and corporate relationships
  • SWIFT message routing restrictions and message user groups
  • Overview of Relationship Management Application (RMA)
  • Overview of SWIFT MT messages : MT1XX to MT9XX, MTnXX
  • System messages and Service messages, ACK/NAK, UAK. UNAK and notification messages
  • Payment market practices and guidelines
  • Institution identification : BIC Policy
  • SWIFT MT message structure and message blocks


Using SWIFT MT messages for payments

  • Concepts, Terminology and understanding basic fields in SWIFT MT messages


Overview of important messages in MT1XX series

  • Request for transfer : MT101
  • Multiple customer credit transfer : MT102
  • Single customer credit transfer : MT103 in serial mode and MT 103 with MT202COV in cover mode
  • Direct debit/request for debit : MT104


Overview of important messages in MT2XX series 

  • Financial institution transfer for own account : MT200
  • Financial institution transfer for own account : MT201
  • General financial institution transfer : MT202
  • Multiple general financial institution transfer : MT203
  • Financial markets direct debit : MT204
  • Financial institution transfer execution : MT205
  • Notice to receive : MT210


Overview of important messages in MT9XX series

  • Confirmation of debit : MT900
  • Confirmation of credit : MT910
  • Request message : MT920
  • Customer statement message : MT940
  • Interim transaction report : MT942
  • Statement message : MT950


Overview of using SWIFT MT messages for trade finance

  • SWIFT MT4XX series for bill collections
  • SWIFT MT7XX series for documentary credits and guarantees


Overview of Rejects/Returns in SWIFT MT

  • Reject and return guidelines

Delivery mode
Classroom and Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) Mode
1 full day
Course level
Foundation Level

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