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Finance for Decision Makers

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Finance for Decision Makers

A two day program extensively focused on the using methods financial analysis for effective decision making. The program includes familiarization with the basics of finance, financial statements and financial ratios. It also exposes you to elements of costs, costing methods and budgetary controls. The program also explains use of Target Costing, Kaizen Costing and Kaizen Budgeting.

This intensive program is designed to give you a comprehensive grounding, along with strong practical frameworks, for understanding various types of business activities, related financial statements and decision making based on the financial data. The program emphasizes on active participation from delegates and includes exercises and case studies.

What will you learn?

When you complete this course, you will have an understanding of:

  • Key decision areas and the financial information required for decision making
  • Building financial statements
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • Cost computations for decision making
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting


Course Content:

Getting down to business

  • Key decision areas and the financial information required for decision making
  • Crucial errors in finance
  • Basics of finance
  • Forms of businesses
  • Types Business activities
  • Decisions required in each type of activity
  • Understanding the numbers
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Time value of money

Analysis and interpretation of financial statements

  • Using key yardsticks to measure performance
  1. Measures of profitability, efficiency, liquidity and financial risk
  2. Profit and cash flow analysis
  3. Depreciation – a special kind of fixed cost
  4. Ratio analysis
  5. Contribution margin analysis
  6. Activity analysis
  7. Benchmarking
  • Making decisions using key strategies
  1. Capital structure, debt and equity
  2. Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  3. Return on investment
  4. Pivotal role of taxes
  5. Return on investment (ROI)
  6. Return on capital employed (ROCE)
  7. Economic value added (EVA)
  8. Shareholder value added (SVA)
  9. Making financial decisions
  • Cost computations for decision making
  1. Types of costs
  2. Direct/Indirect costs
  3. Fixed/variable costs
  4. Sunk costs
  5. Cost/profit/volume relationship
  6. Break-even point
  7. Activity based costing
  8. Target costing
  9. Kaizan costing
  10. Product lifecycle costing
  11. Budgets and budgetary controls – Building a budget


Building financial statements

  • Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow
  • Connecting the financial statements


Planning, budgeting and forecasting

  • Budgets and budgetary controls – Building a budget
  • Planning and budgeting capital expenditure

Delivery mode
Classroom / Virtual classroom / Online
2 full days
Course level
Foundation level
Course Price

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