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Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation Skills


An effective organization can boost its performance with good negotiations. A company can create a long term relationship with its stakeholders like suppliers, service providers or employees by setting realistic & achievable targets, listening actively & asking the right questions as well as deploying the tactics & different methods of persuasion. Negotiations are dependent on the art & science of the negotiator.

The ability to use these levers is highly dependent on the negotiator who negotiates. Negotiations are much more than offers and moves. There are psychological undercurrents and strategies that are apparent to skilled practitioner. The program uses a highly interactive pedagogy blending cases, games, role-plays, group activities and situation analyses to bring home the concepts and theory behind successful negotiations.


  • Recognize the importance of negotiating & its contribution to increase organisational effectiveness.
  • Describe the main phases of negotiation process & their principle features.
  • Identify your own negotiating style & describe how to deal with it.
  • Develop a negotiation strategy.
  • Recognize the importance of active listening, recognize forms of non-verbal communication & describe cultural factors that may have an impact on negotiations.


  • Case Studies,
  • Presentation,
  • Individual activities,
  • Videos,
  • Role plays & group activities

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