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Inventory, Materials Management and SCM

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Inventory, Materials Management and SCM

The module is focused on effective management of warehouse operations and inventory control are critical to the supply chain of any organization. The ability to maintain a smooth, constant and efficient flow of goods and services to industry and society provides a significant challenge in terms of processes, organization and cost. The module highlights fundamental aspects of Inventory management, Ware house management and SCM to ensure that the minimum amount of stock is held to satisfy the majority of demand at an acceptable cost. This results in a number of trade-offs within the warehouse which must be balanced to ensure maximum efficiency. The course also highlights on use of Technology to advance in this area with sophisticated software and hardware products being introduced into the market. Warehouse automation is increasing in popularity along with both RFID and robotics technologies.

At the conclusion of this course, it is expected that you will be able to:

  • Understand the of concepts, problems and issues in the field of Inventory, Logistic and Supply Chain Management
  • The participant can expect to learn all the critical elements of Logistics and SCM that includes assessing organizational needs for SCM, related modelling and design tools, decisions relating to SCM operations and IT enablement of SCM.
  •  Inventory & SCM Processes



  •  Inventory Management Essentials
  •  Managing the minimum order quantity and tradeoffs
  •  Warehousing concepts
  •  Basics of Management Concepts and importance of SCM
  •  Operational, Strategic and Implementation issue in SCM
  •  Modeling and Design of Supply Chain Management
  • Recent Trends in Supply Chain  

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