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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills

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Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills


Effective and efficient problem-solving and decision-making are not only valuable individual skills for work and non-work situations alike, but they are also prerequisites for effective ongoing organizational performance and success. If an enterprise fails to identify problems or challenges correctly or fails to resolve them properly, then sales, market share, expenses, customer and employee satisfaction, profits, and shareholder dividends can all be seriously affected.

The objective of this training module is to help participants gain an understanding of the principles and techniques for systematic and creative problem solving and decision-making keeping an IT industry challenges as focus area.


  • Know the various models and frameworks of managerial decision-making and problem solving;
  • Know when decisions are best made individually and when they are best made collectively; facilitate group decision-making where appropriate;
  • Recognize barriers to decision-making and know how to overcome them;
  • Learn to use a 6-step problem solving model through actual case/problem solving

Program Outline:

  • Module 1: The Decision-Making Process and the Various Decision-Making Models - Different Types of Decisions, Individual Decision-Making, Seeing the big picture & Looking beyond the obvious
  • Module 2 - Group Decision-Making, Groupthink: Symptoms, Consequences and How To Overcome It?
  • Module 3 - Strategies for Problem Formulation and Problem Solution: Devil’s Advocate, Multiple Advocacy, Brainstorming and Nominal Group Techniques - Creativity in problem solving and decision making - The process of Problem Solving - Impediments to creative problem solving - Common decision making pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Module 4 - Quality Tools for Decision-Making and Problem-Solving: 7 QC tools and & 7 QC New tool like Ishikawa Chart, Pareto Bar, Nominal Group Technique, Cause and Effect Diagram, Graphs, Control Charts - - SWOT Analysis
  • Module 5 - The Six-Step Problem-Solving Model - The process of Decision Making - Actual Problem Solving through simulation and role play - Developing a positive mindset and attitudes to Problems and Decisions - Developing the personality and character

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