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Corporate Cash Management

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Corporate Cash Management

This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of cash management techniques and best practice and to provide an insight into the banking and systems infrastructure that lies behind the services and products sold and used. The general tone of the course, however, is focused on the practical application of cash management techniques in corporate treasuries. Historically, banks and companies have approached the area from different perspectives, using different terminology and jargon. This course provides an opportunity to bring both sides of the business together with a common understanding of each other’s views and interpretations.

What will you learn?

When you complete this course, you will have total understanding of :

  • Overview of corporate treasury operations
  • Introduction to Cash Management
  • Understanding working capital operating cycle
  • Significance of liquidity management for corporate
  • Role of banks in cash management
  • Cash Management Products
  • Role of payment systems in cash management

Course Content:

What is cash management?

Understanding working capital cycle - Concepts

  1. Overview of corporate treasury operations
  2. Important concepts and terminology
  3. Key elements of cash management
  4. Major functions under cash management

Impact of payment systems on cash management

  • Significance of liquidity management for corporate
    1. Objectives of liquidity management
    2. Benefits of liquidity management
    3. Challenges in liquidity management
  • Sources and uses of cash
  • Liquidity Management – Forecasting
  • Liquidity Management – Short-term Investment
  • Liquidity Management – Short-term Borrowing
  • Role of banks in cash management
  • Cash Management Products
    1. Concept of float
    2. Controlled disbursements, positive pay, reverse positive pay
    3. Lockboxes
    4. Cash concentration, notional pooling and sweep
    5. Virtual account management (VAM)

Delivery mode
Classroom and Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) Mode
2 full days
Course level
Foundation level
Course Price
Indian- Rs. 13,000 +18% GST Foreign- USD 425

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