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Effective Interviewing Skills – Hiring the Right People

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Effective Interviewing Skills – Hiring the Right People

The ability to recruit, interview, and hire the best candidates is essential to every organization's success. However it is critical that organizations have a robust selection interview process in place. Every organisation strives to get the right people into the right jobs for its success. Hence it becomes vital not only to test the technical, functional skills and knowledge but also to evaluate behaviour. Over and above the challenge is of limited time period of 30 - 60 minutes window in interviewing candidates. To overcome such challenges it is very important to follow a certain process and make use of competency based selection process. For any organisation the cost of hiring is costly and more over the cost of hiring the wrong person is multi-fold, not to mention the negative impact to organization’s reputation, morale and productivity. One of the surveys indicates that one of the biggest issue is the lack of structured training and heavy reliance on “gut instinct” of the interviewer. When you consider the high cost of a bad hire, the ROI associated with improving employee screening and interviewing is significant. By combining aneffective way of interviewing with pre-employment testing, organisations can hire better, reduce attrition, and substantial saving on hiring right candidate. Objectives :

This training program aims to :

  1.  Understanding the process of selection framework
  2. Types of interview and its relevance 
  3. Preparation before the interview
  4. Prepare and conduct effective interviews
  5. Give participants the opportunity to practice the skills and techniques learned

Course Outline :

The course can be customised on the organization’s requirement.

  • Definition, objectives & process of interviewing
  • Types of interviews
    •  Unstructured
    •  Structured
    • Panel
    • One-to-one
    • Telephonic
  • Effective selection process
  • Understand of Job description
  • Screening of CV, Job application
  • Interview structure
    • Opening
    •  Body
    •  Closing
  •  Techniques
    • Establishing rapport
    • Questioning
    • Probing
    •  Listening
    • Behavioral Event Interview
  •  Verbal vs non-verbal communication
  • Competency based interviewing - The STAR Approach
  • Evaluation – As per the organisation process and policies
  • Do and Don’t
  • Summary and closing

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