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Fintech Business Analysis Master Class

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Fintech Business Analysis Master Class

We not only teach you Business Analysis in the most practical way, but also give you an overview of banking, RPA, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

This program will provide you with the insights of Business Analysis Fundamentals and give you working knowledge of banking, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Banking. We not only teach you Business Analysis in the most practical way, but also give you an overview of banking, RPA, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

This program will also prepare you to appear for Certified Professional for Requirement Engineering (CPRE) certification from International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB).

The program exposes you to use of technology e.g. software tools for requirement analysis, requirement documentation, creation of use cases/use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams. You will also get an overview of  how banks and technology  companies use Banking Industry Architectural Network  (BIAN) in software development and implementation.

Takeaways from Fintech BA Master Class :

  • What is Business Analysis?
  • The role, importance task and activities of Business Analyst.
  • Competencies & interpersonal skills in real world scenarios
  • End-to-end process of Business Analysis
  • Guidance from ISO29148 for requirement engineering
  • How to elicit requirements from stakeholders
  • Elements of requirement management
  • How solution assessment and validation is done
  • Different banking products and processes
  • Practical ways of business analysis in BFSI domain
  • Use of RPA, blockchain, data analytics and AI in banking
  • Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) & its use in banking

This course is based on CPRE (IREB) course curriculum and is aimed towards inculcating and development of business analysis skills amongst participants. The course walks through the canvas of understanding business requirements to solution building.

The course also includes understanding of fundamentals of banking and provides practical knowledge of conducting business analysis in BFSI sector.
The program will be delivered through case studies and the course modules are a mix of business analysis and fintech. The case studies’ based approach will enable the participants from business and development sides to understand the real world scenarios and also enhance their capabilities or tailor their approach to solution development.

Course contents (Business Analysis Elements)

System and System Context

  • System, System Context and Boundaries
  • Determining System and Context Boundaries

Requirements Elicitation

  • Requirements Sources
  • Requirements Categorization according to the Kano Model
  • Document Structures
  • Use of Requirements Documents
  • Quality Criteria for the Requirements Document
  • Quality Criteria for Requirements
  • Glossary

Documentation of Requirements using Natural Language

  • Language Effects
  • Requirements Construction using Templates

Model-based Documentation of Requirements

  • The term “Model”
  • Goal Models
  • Use Cases
  • Three Perspectives on Requirements
  • Requirements Modeling in the Data Perspective
  • Requirements Modeling in the Functional Perspective
  • Requirements Modeling in the Behavioral Perspective

Requirements validation and negotiation

  • Fundamentals of Requirements Validation
  • Fundamentals of Requirements Negotiation
  • Quality Aspects for Requirements
  • Principles of Requirements Validation
  • Techniques for Requirements Validation
  • Requirements Negotiation

Requirements Management

  • Assigning Attributes to Requirements
  • Views on Requirements
  • Prioritizing Requirements
  • Requirements Traceability
  • Versioning of requirements
  • Management of Requirements Changes
  • Measurement for Requirements

Tool Support

  • Types of Tools
  • Introducing Tools

Course contents (Fintech Elements)

Financial markets overview

  • Money market
  • Debt market
  • Equity market
  • Derivatives market

Overview of banking business lines

  • Retail banking
  • Private banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking
  • Payments and cards

Introduction to fintech

  • What is fintech?
  • What is SOA and BIAN
  • Blockchain
  • Big data
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning, deep learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Fintech disruption in banking

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Delivery mode
Classroom and Live Virtual Classroom (LVC) Mode
4 days
Course level
Intermediate level
Course Price
Indian- Rs. 40,500 +18% GST Foreign- USD 1350

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