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For MBA Finance Students

Most of the financial institution or large Software companies today cater to clients across the globe. Each of the geographies have different financial products, rules/regulation and market practices.

Due to MVLCO’s expertise in such global product/practices and association with global players in banking industry such as Barclays, Citibank, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase, Standard Chartered, Oracle etc., we are able to enrich the participants with the necessary knowledge about global financial products, rules/regulation and market practices. In fact, these global players continuously engage MVLCO to train their employees in this regard.

During your education, a silo based operational approach is used wherein the financial products such as loans, deposits and services are explained in isolation without giving an integrated and complete view from management and strategic angles.

The focus is mainly on how a product operates and is delivered to a customer instead of why a product is designed in a particular way and how it enables the financial institution to achieve its strategy of maintaining liquidity, profitability and solvency.

MVLCO follows the integrated strategy approach where the participants are first introduced to the entire canvas of banking products and also the relationship of products (e.g. loans and their relationship with deposits) with each other, the impacts of an incorrectly designed product on bank’s liquidity, profitability and solvency.

While providing this understanding, MVLCO uses real case studies to explain the products and related processes rather than give only a theoretical overview of the product. We also explain which product is to be used in which particular situation.

This integrated strategy approach enables the participants to understand the complete picture, importance of each of the products and how product is to be used by the bank and its customers.

Brief introduction to use of technology in financial institutions: Almost all the financial institutions today heavily depend on technology for providing their services, managing their risks and complying the regulation.

It is very imperative for the professionals intending to work in BFSI to understand how the business uses technology for effective management and seamless product delivery. MVLCO introduces participants to technology aspects while explaining each of the banking products.

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